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National Rose Day 2020 Must-Haves

National Rose Day 2020 Must-Haves

National Rosé Day is on Saturday, June 13, and just because your celebration this year may look a little different due to the coronavirus pandemic, doesn’t mean you can’t throw a social-distancing fête at home — this time without a hangover. 

Meet Good Clean Wine: made with minimal-intervention, low sugar, no additives, natural processes and organic qualities created by Courtney Dunlop and Michelle Feldman. 

“Good Clean Wine doesn’t contain any chemical additives, dyes, fake flavors, added sugars, added sulfites or animal byproducts and the grapes are gown naturally without pesticides, so your liver can fully process the alcohol without getting overloaded with toxic gunk,” Dunlop tells Us Weekly exclusively. “You can have a glass tonight and still go for a run tomorrow morning and won’t wake up feeling like death.”

“A hangover ruins plans. … When you don’t feel the traditional negative effects of wine, you can have a glass or two, go to bed, sleep well and still get up early to do yoga and all the things you planned for the day,” Feldman adds. 

Other than helping you avoid hangovers and bad reactions, the two cofounders have top tips for making your quarantine party memorable and fun.  

“Drink rosé warmer than you think,” Dunlop recommends. “Most people keep rosé refrigerator cold, but if you drink it only slightly chilled, you will smell and taste more of the nuances, which leads to a more satisfying experience. If your rosé is in the fridge, let it sit out for 30 minutes before pouring.”

To take it up a notch, Dunlop also suggests making an at-home spritz bar. “Stock up on club soda, sparkling rosé and grapefruit juice. … Pour over ice in the fanciest glass you own and cheers!” she exclaims.

And don’t forget the food. “Our rosé pairs well with seafood, pasta, poultry, cheese (especially mozzarella) and prosciutto wrapped melon, chicken, couscous and barbecued and smoked meats. … It can also be served as dessert — pour 1/4 cup of Good Clean Wine rosé over a scoop of sorbet and decorate with a mint leaf,” Feldman notes.  

For decorations, Dunlop says vintage table cloths, china and glassware are key for a gorgeous setting. “Use your pretty stuff! Otherwise, what’s the point in having it? If it breaks, it breaks. White or ironstone pitchers holding wildflowers adds a chic country vibe, but if you don’t have access to flowers right now, the pitchers look pretty on their own.”

As for attire, the two will be wearing linen outfits in light, airy colors. “Don’t worry if it gets wrinkled. It’s the authentic Italian way to not iron your linen,” Dunlop spills.

“It’s classic, comfortable, casual, light and flowy. I feel like I’m in the Tuscan countryside,” Feldman says. 

Good Clean Wine is produced in Italy and consists of a white, red, rosé, a spumante rosé. It is available online at GoodClean.Wine for $20 a bottle or $240 for a case of 12. The brand offers free delivery when you order 3 bottles right to your door.

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