michelle and courtney: the co-founders of good clean wine.

“we both drink wine on the regular. we also both lead exceptionally healthy lives.”

“our secret: we won’t let anything pass our lips that we know will make us feel bad, today or tomorrow.”

courtney loves a red.

previously a beauty, health, and fitness editor for marie claire, contributor to allure and harper’s bazaar, and branding and editorial director for aveda, redken and clinique.

she believes self-care can involve wine plus a 7-hour netflix binge.

michelle loves a rosé

an experienced esthetician, she treats her client’s skin topically as well as holistically. she travels the world in search of the best food, wine and people to help us live better.

she puts winemakers up there with madonna and mccartney.

what we do.

we make wine that you can feel good about drinking. that pairs perfectly with great company, deep conversations and deeper glasses. artfully laid out snacks too.

why we do it.

because we believe in everyday celebration. because we love wine. a lot. and we suspect you might love it, too.

because social and environmental sustainability is our priority.

because the best way to truly know the wine you drink is to know your winemaker. and their vineyard dogs (his name is bowling pin, by the way.). we know and work with families of farmers and winemakers that live and breathe and love their soil and land.

because if you use sustainable practices to grow good healthy grapes, little to no intervention is needed to make good clean wines.

because everyone deserves good clean fun.

where we do it.

in two beautiful wine regions in italy.

be transported, one glass at a time. our good clean red, white and rosé are made using sustainable farming and minimal intervention in the appellation of maremma on the southwest coast of the tuscan wine region. picture gentle rolling hills, vineyards and olive orchards scattered with sheep, and feel the nearby salty sea air from the tyrrhenian sea.

our good clean spumante and spumante rosé hail from carpi in the modena province in the emilia-romagna region, known as the land of bubbly wine and tortellini. the vineyards of nutrient rich sandy and wet soils surrounded by poplars and elms make for a magnificent sight.

made by passionate winemakers with knowledge of the land and italian winemaking traditions, they cultivate the vines, and select and harvest the grapes by hand before pressing and bottling for you to sip, savour and celebrate.