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How to Eat Cheese and Drink Wine While Avoiding Carbs

How to Eat Cheese and Drink Wine While Avoiding Carbs

Cheese, glorious cheese! We're so thankful we get to keep moderate amounts of cheese in our lives when limiting carbs.

This is how we prepare a low-carb charcuterie to pair with glasses of Good Clean Wine (Michelle finds she can stay in ketosis when eating this paired with two glasses of Good Clean Red). 

Gather the below items and arrange on a charcuterie board. 

Cheese: Goat, blue, parmesan, baked cheese crisps

Vegetables/fruits: Cucumbers, asparagus, olives (especially stuffed with blue cheese), pickles, zucchini, avocado 

Cured meats: Prosciutto, cooked bacon, pepperoni, salami 

Crunchy items: pork rinds, mixed nuts, mini keto pancakes 

Dark chocolate

Serve with your favorite Good Clean Wine.

You can have it all!

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