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should you cellar gcw?

should you cellar gcw?

should you cellar gcw?

it’s best to ask the winemaker how they expect their wines to evolve over time. they are the ones who have crafted the product, so they are best positioned to “predict” the lifetime of their wine. our good clean winemakers tell us they create fresh and youthful wines that taste their best and are ready-to-drink now. 

wine evolves in the bottle over time and each wine evolves at its own pace. most wines reach peak drinkability fairly early in their lifetime. there is such a thing as too much time and most wine will actually start to deteriorate if aged. 

light bodied good clean white and rosé tend to hit peak maturity around 2 years after harvest. medium bodied, lower acidic and lower tannic good clean red hits peak maturity also around the 2 year mark. good clean spumante and spumante rosé do not ferment further in the bottle. they are best drunk as young as possible. which makes them an excellent last-minute, affordable choice for a party or gifting. 

you can consider the vintage year on our bottles similar to a born on date. if you hang on to our bottles for 3 years the wine may start to “die” and not taste all that fantastic. 

almost all wines, however, are enjoyed within 24 hours of purchasing them. if you love good clean white or rosé in the summer and that’s when you bought them, then don’t leave them sitting around until the next summer — drink them now!

no need to wait for a special occasion, good clean wine is for everyday celebrations. they pair with almost every food, or when you are alone on the couch. good clean wines are not meant to be aged.

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