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What Makes Good Clean Wine 'Clean?'

What Makes Good Clean Wine 'Clean?' Good Clean Wine is made with a commitment to simplicity and authenticity, focusing on the natural qualities of the grape and the land.

The term "clean" in the context of wine refers to wines produced with minimal intervention, highlighting the pure expression of the grape and the terroir. Key factors contributing Good Clean Wine include:

Minimal Additives: Wine containing fewer additives, such as sulfites commonly used as preservatives, along with reduced use of fining agents and stabilizers.

Natural Fermentation: Natural spontaneous fermentation, initiated by the natural yeast on grape skins or in the winery environment, contrasting with wines using commercial yeast strains.

Organic or Biodynamic Farming: Grapes grown using organic or biodynamic farming practices avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, promoting healthier vines while influencing the wine's character.

Low Intervention Winemaking: Clean winemaking involves minimal manipulation during production, avoiding excessive filtration, and utilizing stainless steel tanks, allowing the wine to develop naturally.

Expressive of Terroir: Wines that express the unique terroir of the vineyard—the combination of soil, climate, and environmental factors. This emphasis on terroir results in wines with a distinct sense of place.

Sustainable Practices: Prioritizing sustainability through practices such as water conservation, energy efficiency, and other environmentally conscious measures.

Transparency: We clearly state the grape growing and winemaking practices, empowering consumers to make informed choices. We are proud of our partner wineries and print their information on the labels.

It's crucial to note that the term "clean" can be subjective, with different winemakers and consumers interpreting it in various ways.

Good Clean Wine embodies a commitment to the natural qualities of the grape and the land so you can drink the essence of authenticity in every bottle and savor the purest flavors with each sip.

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