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Why We Prefer Steel Over Oak for Winemaking

Why We Prefer Steel Over Oak for Winemaking

Using stainless steel tanks instead of oak is a key to minimal intervention winemaking!

Perks of using steel tanks for winemaking:

More control: When you have more control over fermentation + temperature, you have more control over flavor, balance + aroma.

Environmentally friendly: No oak = no cutting down trees. wood is also much harder to clean and requires using harsh chemicals.

Prevents oxidation: The wine won’t go bad, which means there’s no need to correct with chemicals + sulfites.

Better flavor: Wood barrels absorb wine, which is then transferred to the next batch. With steel, there’s no flavor transfer or barrel taste – just pure, original wine flavors.

Saves you $$$: Steel cleans easier and lasts longer. Saving on expensive barrel replacement ultimately means you pay less for your wine! That’s called a steel steal.

Get pure, unoaked wine and toast to a sip that pairs with your lifestyle. 

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