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Casual Wine Drinking 101

Casual Wine Drinking 101

How to pretend you know about wine and become a wine expert in minutes:

  • To swirl or not to swirl? Swirling introduces oxygen into the mix and helps release aromas. plus, it makes you look mysterious and alluring. 
  • Do I need to hold my glass by the stem? You don't even need a stem! Warming the glass with your hand can help bring out delicate flavors in cold wines. 
  • Does temperature really matter? Too much chilling can mask acidity and sweet fruity flavors, while wine that's too warm can taste boozy and bitter. 

But really, what matters most is that it's the temperature that you prefer.

The most important thing about wine is that you like how it tastes, so we say experiment away!

We recommend grabbing a friend and a bottle and seeing if you can taste the difference between room temp and chilled, a glass or a mug, or if one of you actually prefers white with an ice cube!

Get experimenting!



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