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Introducing Keto-Friendly Wine (it's Delicious!)

Introducing Keto-Friendly Wine (it's Delicious!)

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"Can I drink wine on a keto diet?" is a question we get asked a lot. Good Clean Wine has no added sugar or fructose and is additive-free, and our clients strive to live healthy lifestyles while still enjoying delicious wine.

Here's what we've personally discovered in our quest for keto. Individual results may vary.

Co-founder Michelle ate a low- to no-carb diet, went into ketosis and stayed there for two weeks. Then, in the name of, um, science, she took one for the team and drank an entire bottle of Synchronized Swimming rosé. The next morning she peed on pH strips and was still in ketosis.

One of our clients was in ketosis from a low-carb diet. She drank two glasses of Good Clean Red and stayed in ketosis (again, she peed on the strips).

All of our wines are naturally low sugar, so if you love wine and are following a keto diet, then we are happy to meet you!

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