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Mezze Grazing Board: How-To + Wine Pairing

Mezze Grazing Board: How-To + Wine Pairing

Of course we love a classic charcuterie board, but we're equally enamored with a Mediterranean mezze grazing board.

Mezze is derived from the word Maza, which means “to taste” and is the name given to a selection of small appetizer dishes similar to Spanish tapas, but with different Mediterranean-inspired ingredients. 

Here's how to assemble a snack platter to share with friends while drinking Good Clean Wine.

Gather the following: 

Cheese: marinated and herbed feta, baby mozzarella, Greek fried cheese
Fruit: grapes, figs, berries
Vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, artichokes
Bread and crackers: pita, lavosh
Nuts and olives: pistachios, kalamata olives
Spreads: hummus, baba ganoush, tzatziki 

Use a round platter and begin by placing bowls of hummus, baba ganoush, and tzatziki on the platter. Arrange sliced cucumbers, figs, grapes, and tomatoes around 3/4th of the boarder of the platter. Place pita and lavosh on the 1/4 open side of the platter. Fill the center with remaining cheese, nuts, and olives. Use this as a loose guideline for building your platter. There is no right or wrong.

Pair with a crisp sauvignon blanc such as Good Clean White or a light red such as Good Clean Red and enjoy this plentiful platter over an afternoon of laughter and deep conversations with friends and loved ones. 

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