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sip and say om

sip and say om

we created good clean wine because we are mindful of what we put into and onto our bodies. applied to drinking, mindfulness can allow us to have a healthy relationship with alcohol. practicing mindful wine drinking helps us slow down, draw our attention to the moment, and feel at peace.

grab a glass of good clean wine, get comfortable, and let’s mindfully experience the miracle of fermented grape juice.

sight: look at the wine’s color. is it clear, cloudy or bright?

listen: bring the glass up to your ear and listen to the wine. does listening to the wine help you increase your focus, mental flexibility, and provide stress relief?

smell: swirl the glass and smell the wine, thinking about the different aromas (berries, toasty wood, smoke, earth, etc). there is no wrong answer.

taste: sip the wine and breathe in some air. do you taste fruit, oak, or sweet and sour?

touch: take another sip and think about how it feels in your mouth…velvety, smooth, light, flat, crunchy, etc.

feel: what does the taste remind you of? your last vacation, watching a sunset, a cozy winter night, tubing down the river? does the feeling reduce your stress?

we’ve just paid attention to all the nuances of the wine in our glasses and now we are meditating while having a glass of wine. does it get any better than this?