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How to Safely Saber Sparkling Wine

How to Safely Saber Sparkling Wine

Impress everyone as you expertly and safely knock the cork out of your sparkling wine with a sword, aka sabering. Here is how to do it with our bubbly Good Clean Spumante. (Please read all the instructions before sabering.)

Chill the spumante: Place it in the refrigerator for at least three hours to make sure the liquid inside from top to bottom is cold enough. A warm bottle creates higher internal pressure than fully chilled bottles and could result in an exploded bottle and might cause injury.

Prepare the saber: All you need is a long, thin, sturdy, metal object. A sword is not necessary. A butter knife or serrated bread knife will do.

Prep the bottle: Inspect the bottle to check that it is free of dents or scratches. Remove the foil and the wire cage. Place your thumb on top of the cork to prevent it from prematurely popping.

Find the seams in the glass: There are seams on both sides of the bottle and you want a seam to be facing up. You will slide the saber along the seam, keeping full contact with the seam as you quickly and gently slide the saber towards the top of the bottle to slice the neck. 

Saber: Go outside, look left and right to make sure no one is in the range of your sabering, point the bottle away from yourself and your guests and then go for it! Be confident, glide the blade, strike with force and do not hack at the bottle. It seems to work best for me if the bottle is pointed up instead of out. 

WARNING: Please do this when you are 100% sober, before you have started consuming wine. Saber at your own risk.

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