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What Would Catherine the Great Drink? Strawberry Spumante Soup

What Would Catherine the Great Drink? Strawberry Spumante Soup

Awards' season has us dreaming about the Good Clean Wines our beloved series characters might choose. We have a soft spot for the historical fiction series "The Great" featuring Elle Fanning as Catherine.

Catherine the Great, one of the most educated women of her time, held a fondness for food, power, and romance. Despite occasional celebratory vodka shots, historians suggest she consumed minimal alcohol.

However, she had an affinity for strawberries and soup, often combining them to create strawberry Champagne soup for special occasions. If you're feeling frisky, here's our version using bubbly Good Clean Spumante Rosé. It's perfect for girl's night, Valentine's Day, or historical theme parties.

1 bottle Good Clean Spumante Rosé
3 pounds frozen strawberries, thawed
10 mint leaves
1 tablespoon lime juice
½ cup low-carb sugar replacement
⅛ teaspoon pink Himalayan salt

Directions: Blend thawed strawberries, mint leaves, lime juice, sugar, and salt in a blender until puréed. Cover and chill for two hours. Just before serving, stir in one bottle of Good Clean Spumante Rosé. Pour into a coupe glass garnished with spanked mint and a strawberry.

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