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What is clean wine?

What is clean wine?

"Clean wine" is an unregulated term that anyone can use, even if their wine isn't high quality. We use the term "clean" because our customer has a frame of reference for it thanks to the beauty industry. We chose the term "clean" because we are so much more than just organic—and the proof is in the taste. Here's what "clean" means to us:

No Pesticides, Pure Nature
Our vineyards thrive in an eco-friendly haven, where grapes are nurtured without the interference of pesticides. It’s a commitment to the purity of the land and the authenticity of our wine.

No Additives
Experience the symphony of flavors with our wines, crafted without any additives except native yeast to kick off the winemaking process. It’s all about the natural, unadulterated essence that makes each sip an exquisite journey.

Oak-Free Elegance
We skip the oak and embrace stainless steel tanks, allowing the grapes to shine in their true glory. It’s a testament to our dedication to pure taste.

Hand-Picked Grapes
Each grape is carefully hand-picked by skilled hands, ensuring that only the finest make it into our bottles. It’s a meticulous process that reflects our commitment to excellence.

World-Class Italian Winemakers
Behind every bottle is a brilliant winemaker, passionate and skilled in their craft. Experience the artistry that transforms grapes into liquid poetry.

Crafted with Love, Shipped Nationwide
From vineyard to bottle, our wines are a labor of love. Every step, every detail, is infused with a passion for delivering the finest, most authentic taste. We ship to most states in the U.S., bringing the taste of Italian wine perfection to your doorstep.

So What is Clean Wine?
You have to know your winemakers in order to ensure your wine is truly clean. We spend a lot of time with them on their land so we can understand their practices and feel the love and joy that goes into our wines.

We hope you love Good Clean Wine as much as we do.

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