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where to buy good clean wine

where to buy good clean wine

you’re ready to sip good clean wine, and who can blame you? it’s wine you can feel good about drinking, tonight and tomorrow morning.

you can order wine from our website to be shipped to 46 states. (sorry, we don’t ship to al, ma, ms, pr, ut, or any u.s. territories. shipping to hi and ak is possible, but very expensive. if you would like to arrange shipment to these states, please contact

in springfield, missouri you can purchase, drink, and enjoy good clean wine at the following locations:

bambino’s cafe (both locations)

brown derby wine center

catrina’s mexican kitchen & cantina

cellar + plate

harter house eastgate

harter house republic road

hy-vee battlefield rd.

macadoodles springfield

macadoodles north springfield

macadoodles republic

ocean zen

top hat package (willard)

whiskey tango’s spirits and tobacco(ozark)

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