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Which Wine Would the Gilded Age Elite Drink?

Which Wine Would the Gilded Age Elite Drink?

While watching "The Gilded Age" and obsessing over the costumes, the duel between the Academy and the Metropolitan, and the lavish soirées thrown by Bertha Russell, our co-founders wonder which wines their favorite characters would be drinking.

Apparently, the gilded elite were obsessed with dry Champagne and red Bordeaux. Mrs. Astor, Agnes Van Rhijn, and Mrs. Russel may have enjoyed Irroy or Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut Champagne. Mr. Russell can be seen drinking glasses of red wine during business lunches traveling in his glorious private train car and likely enjoyed Cabernet Sauvignon blends from the Left Bank Bordeaux region of Médoc.

Since the gilded age elite loved a quality, crisp, dry sparkling wine made with a blend of grapes, they’d likely enjoy Good Clean Spumante, a refreshing sparkling blend of native Italian Pignoletto, Sorbara, and Salamino Lambrusco grapes sustainably grown using organic and biodynamic farming in Emilia-Romagna with little to no intervention. We can just imagine the delight of Mrs. Russell’s guests if she were to greet them with our un-oaked, medium-bodied, delightfully dry, fruit-forward Good Clean Spumante. With each sip, the delicate bubbles with notes of green apple, lush blossom, and white peach might offer them a gentle tingle between affairs, the secrets they keep, and the arrangements they scheme.

Good Clean Cabernet, a smooth blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and 15 percent Cabernet Franc from Tuscany is un-oaked, full bodied, and round. It’s beautiful and complex, with herbal flavors and aromas of earth and spring flowers. Elegant and well balanced with a long and harmonic finish, it would be a perfect red wine to serve to the patrons of the Metropolitan during intermission or at dinner in Newport.

If all this talk of private train cars, Newport summers, and the world’s finest opera boxes has you in the mood to throw a Gilded Age-themed party, our complex reds and fanciful sparkling wines are all you need to get started.

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