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Why Was Good Clean Wine Created by Skincare Experts?

Why Was Good Clean Wine Created by Skincare Experts?

As far as we know Good Clean Wine is the only wine company created by skincare experts: a holistic esthetician and a beauty & health editor. Why would we do that?

Michelle (one half of Good Clean Wine) gives the best facial treatments in the country (according to Courtney, who knows a thing or two about such things). After over a decade of seeing skin up close and personal she knows that what we put in our bodies is just as important for skin as what we put on it.

But the funny thing about Michelle is that she's also a wine expert (and expert wine drinker). Clients always wondered why she was able to drink so much wine and keep her skin dewy and juicy. The answer was in the high quality wine she was bringing back from Europe in her suitcase.

Because she knew that her clients were not inclined to do such extensive wine research, and just wanted a delicious glass of wine they could enjoy with friends without stressing about it, she and Courtney created Good Clean Wine. Clean, dry, and vibrant Italian wine in a non-intimidating bottle.

Michelle loves a rosé and puts winemakers up there with Madonna and McCartney. She does all the wine work so you don't have to. Cheers!