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Elevate Your Gathering with Holiday Welcome Wine

Elevate Your Gathering with Holiday Welcome Wine

Handing a glass of wine or bubbly to guests as they enter your home or holiday soirée will instantly elevate your gathering.

To save time, set up a drink table near the door with glasses of Good Clean Spumante and hand one to each guest as they arrive. Pre-make a pitcher of Winter Solstice Mimosas or a crock pot of Good Clean Mulled Wine. Or, a glass of Good Clean Rosé is a festive welcome wine for all seasons and palates. 

Winter Solstice Mimosa: 5 ounces Good Clean Spumante, 1 ounce cranberry juice, silver sugar, rosemary sprigs, whole cranberries. Find instructions here.

Mimosa Instructions: Line the rim of the glasses with a lemon wedge and dip in silver sugar. Thread rosemary sprigs with cranberries. Pour Spumante and cranberry juice into glass. Lay prepared rosemary sprigs over rim of glass.

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