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Fireplace Wine

Fireplace Wine Ancient Romans and cavemen would only drink the finest vintage red wines around communal fires while roasting their freshly hunted mammoth legs.

In the winter, we love to fill our glass with red wine and listen to relaxing jazz while we rest comfortably on our couch gazing at the fire.

The spices of Good Clean Red and Good Clean Cabernet pair well with the wafts of fireplace smoke. The smooth, fruity taste goes well with staring at the calm, dancing flame, watching it change color like it’s some sort of spirit.

Good Clean Spumante is also fireplace wine. Between each sip we taste the mix of peach and crisp green apple, and between each crackle from the fire we feel the bubbly notes of hawthorn flower dance on our tongue.

We get lost in the moments of calm relaxation while the fireplace warms our soul and the wine lifts us higher.

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un-oaked Tuscan cab. so smooth.
our red is good with a face mask in the bath or a dinner party of 100.