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which presidents drank the most wine?

which presidents drank the most wine?

celebrating presidents day by speculating wildly on which wines would’ve wound up in the white house

thomas jefferson

jefferson’s huge wine purchases helped bring him to the brink of financial ruin, and that makes him a kindred spirit.

he’d like the good clean red 

chester a. arthur 

our hero for duking it out with the temperance movement. “what i do with my private life is my own damned business!”

he’d drink every bottle we’ve got

john f. kennedy

jfk drank lots of trendy rich people drinks — he would for sure enjoy sipping on a good clean spritz at hayannis port.

he’d party with the good clean rosé

richard nixon

ol’ tricky dick loved his elevated, expensive bordeaux wine. really a classy guy. minus watergate. and vietnam. 

he’d enjoy the good clean cabernet 

bill clinton

the life of the party is drinking whatever you’re serving. pour him a double and wait for him to whip out the sax.

he’d order one of everything

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