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astrological wine predictions: horoscopes with wine

astrological wine predictions: horoscopes with wine

your horoscope for the month and its perfect wine pairing. its horoscopes but with wine, ok?

aries & taurus

your elegance and exuberance go hand in hand. take time to ruminate on life’s nuances this month.

pairs with: good clean cabernet

libra & virgo

bring balance to your life by embracing the subtleties. your dry sense of humor won’t go unnoticed this month. 

pairs with: good clean red 

leo & aquarius

not all things are pretty in pink, but you sure are. step into any room this month knowing that you brighten it. 

pairs with: good clean rosé

sagittarius & capricorn 

intense, yet subtle. pleasant, yet vibrant. you glide gracefully through contradictions, living as the best of both.

pairs with: good clean white

cancer & pisces

you are the electric tingle down the spine a lover elicits. share a secret with a confidant this month and be rewarded.

pairs with: good clean spumante

gemini & scorpio

delicate yet deliberate, your effervescent presence brings fresh life to those around you. be sure to socialize this month.

pairs with: good clean spumante rosé

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