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Winter Solstice Wine

Winter Solstice Wine

Winter Solstice Wine: Good Clean Spumante Rosé 

On the first day of winter we drink pink to celebrate the hope of light and life. 

Every year we brighten up the darkest day of the year with a bottle (or three) of our sparkling spumante rosé. This sparkling rosé from Modena in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy is made from local Lambrusco grapes. 

Lambrusco is becoming known to wine lovers as the “champagne of via emilia.” Delicate cherry pink in color with a floral bouquet. The palate is fresh with notes of red cherries, strawberries and blossom combined with a creamy mousse and delicate acidity. 

Good clean Spumante rosé is being taken seriously as one of Italy’s most refreshing affordable, food-friendly, sparkling wines. Bubbly, fun, delicious, approachable, drinkable, great wine. It’s basically a party in a bottle. 

Try it on its own or an an aperitif. Or with vegetables or seafood risotto. Pairs well with donuts and brunch and a winter solstice night. Pour a glass, get cozy, and celebrate this powerful day. It’s time for fresh starts and new beginnings.

We will be enjoying our bright and happy pink bubbles as we welcome back the sun and the journey to sunnier days. 


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