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a really good wine + food pairing

a really good wine + food pairing

one of our favorite things to do is pair wine with food to create gastronomic moments. a gastronomic moment is when food that is incredibly delicious is paired with good clean wine to create a highly enjoyable journey of flavor. here are some of our favorite good clean, gastronomic pairings: 

good clean cabernet: bbq ribs, lamb, veal, cured meat, vegetable stir fry, cabernet charcuterie.

good clean red: cured meat starters and bruschetta, medium rare pork loin, pasta dishes with meat sauce, meat main dishes, rosemary potatoes and tiramisu.

good clean white: hard italian cheeses, chicken pesto pasta, shrimp-arugula salad, chèvre cucumber topped baguette slices, italian fried artichokes, and grilled pineapple.

good clean rosé: cilantro lime shrimp, cured meat starters, rosé charcuterie, rich pasta dishes with meat based sauces, main dishes made with white meat or fish soups.

good clean spumante: veggie or seafood risotto, shaved asparagus salad, fall harvest foods, s’mores by the fire, your favorite fried chicken. a perfect match with salami, prosciutto, mortadella, and barbecue pork. or as an aperitif and also with dessert.

good clean spumante rosé: caramel apple baked brie, vegetable or seafood risotto. strawberries and cream. spicy foods, donuts, bacon, brunch or cannoli.

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